eta_ta (eta_ta) wrote,

Xmas questions

I'll cross-post my answers from the comments thread @Chicago Boyz. Anyone who wants to take part go there for full list of questions.

Mine is a special case, so I’ll answer randomly.

1. Wrapping. Trying to express (ideally) in the wrapping materials, including tape, card and ribbon, the personality of the addressee and the nature of the gift inside. Gifts are for New Year - I don’t celebrate religious holidays.

2. Real tree - when my son was little. Together with the smell of clementines (traditional decoration, along with walnuts wrapped in golden foil), the smell of the evergreens is the essence of the holiday. Now I sometimes make arrangements of branches with good candles and a small table centerpiece for New Year supper.

5. No. Glintwein instead.

10. A Christmas Story. Never fails to send me ROFL.

12. Every year - a new dish on the table (among tried and true), to symbolize openness to new things that come to us with New Year.

16. Nothing annoying, everything’s terrific: I don’t shop for presents and the tree with the mobs, I start day after Xmas, when the streets and stores are mine for taking and the salespeople are most agreeable. And the New Year’s night is the most beautiful holiday of the year - what’s not to like?
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